You Are In A Motorcycle Accident – Are You ‘Fully Insured’?

If you are in a motorcycle accident, even though it is NOT your fault, you can end up footing a lot of the medical bills.

Are You Fully Insured?

If you are a motorcyclist, you are probably well aware of how quickly your life could change in the blink of an eye if you are involved in a motorcycle accident. In an instant, you may be left with debilitating injuries and in chronic pain. You may also erroneously believe that all of your medical expenses and long-term care expenses will be covered by the at-fault driver. After all, isn’t that what insurance is for? And it wasn’t your fault! This is far from the truth. While the state of Arizona, for example, does require all individuals to carry liability insurance on their vehicles- both two-wheeled and four-wheeled, this insurance is often painfully inadequate after a serious motorcycle accident. Even worse, many auto drivers are underinsured or not insured at all. When this happens – who pays for your expenses? Who takes care of your injuries? Who takes care of your family?

You are in a motorcycle accident and it is not your fault. Are you protected?

You are in a motorcycle accident and it is not your fault. Are you protected?

Just how much insurance is enough?

Using Arizona as an example, the minimum amounts of liability coverage required to legally operate your motorcycle in the Grand Canyon State are as follows:

  • $15,000 bodily injury per person
  • $30,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $10,000 property damage per accident

Yet after a catastrophic motorcycle accident, medical bills and rehabilitation expenses can quickly exceed your insurance limits. Remember, even a relatively small accident can rack up some substantial damages. Recent statistics show that a fatal motorcycle accident can cost around $1.2 million in damages and the average cost of an injury motorcycle accident can range from $2500 to over $1.4 million. Unfortunately, if your injuries and medical expenses exceed your insurance limits or the insurance limits of the negligent driver, you may be forced to pay for your medical expenses on your own. This can result in crippling financial debt and even bankruptcy for many families.

But what happens when you are involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver? If you do not own Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist Insurance coverage, then you won’t have enough money to cover your expenses.

UM and UIM coverage will protect you, and your passenger, for any bodily injury that you may sustain in an accident involving a driver with no liability insurance, or a driver with insufficient insurance to cover your injuries, respectively. With UM and UIM, the insurance company will reimburse you compensatory damages for bodily injury caused by the uninsured driver. These damages include your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, in addition to other personal injury damages.

Even though states like Arizona allow motorcyclists to opt out of UIM/UM coverage, all motorcyclists should purchase this insurance to protect themselves. In many situations, the only recovery to be made in a serious Arizona motorcycle accident will come from the UM and UIM coverage.

The Law Tigers see it happen all the time and it can be devastating. A motorcyclist feels its all going to be ok because, after all, it was not your fault. Make sure you speak to your insurance broker about as much UM/UIM as you can get. A few additional dollars now can be the best money you have ever spent protecting yourself.

Ride Safe!

motorcycle accident law tigers insurance coverage

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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2016 – That’s A Wrap

The vendors have packed up, the campgrounds are empty, and traffic is back to normal now, as the 2016 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally becomes just another fond memory. Regular attendees have already begun counting down to next year’s event.

Perhaps the biggest news from this year’s rally was the noticeable drop in attendance from the 2015 75th anniversary party. It’s estimated that attendance was down almost 40 percent from last year, with approximately half a million motorcyclists buzzing around. The South Dakota DOT reported 508,610 bikers in Sturgis, compared to 830,503 in 2015- with nearly half of those being female.

Sturgis Motorcycle lawyers

The up-side to having fewer riders was definitely less accidents, injuries, and fatalities. However, with fewer riders to keep tabs on, local and state law enforcement officials were able to see and cite more riding- and non-riding- offenses.

Officers issued approximately 200 more traffic citations than they did in 2015, and made significantly more impaired driving arrests. The Meade County Sheriff’s Office reported varied statistics for the week, with 34 warrants served this year, up from 28 last year, they received only 496 calls for service, down from 820 in 2015. Deputies made nearly twice as many felony arrests this year as last, at 15. According to state date, there were also 1,413 citations issued at this year’s rally. This was up 17% from 2015.

Fewer attendees also mean fewer revenue dollars. In spite of that, however, Sturgis city officials are calling this year’s rally a “good” one. Half a million bikers and families got to enjoy a week of amazing music, motorcycle events, and rides. Official numbers won’t be released for as much as four to six weeks, pending the collection of all data. The city did, however, issue 723 temporary vending permits for this year’s rally.

south dakota motorcycle attorney

And there was certainly no shortage of things to do in Sturgis and the surrounding areas. Bartenders and servers stayed busy keeping rally-goers refreshed as they took in the multitude of concerts, bike shows, and stunts exhibitions. Aviators with the 28th Bomb Wing stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base treated observers to a B-1 flyover to cap off the 16th Annual Veterans Recognition Ceremony. One happy couple even tied the knot at the Harley-Davidson Rally Point to commemorate the week.

The Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers, had a great time with Sturgis Guns, Ben and Eric Bostrom and friends for the 3rd Annual Sturgis Boz Bros Ride that raises money for Sturgis Police Department. What a great time!

The Legendary Buffalo Chip, ground zero for major concerts during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, nailed it with Kid Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Five Finger Death Punch and more. The Full Throttle Saloon, though not 100% complete, was definitely a place to be.

Beautiful view from the new Full Throttle Saloon

Beautiful view from the new Full Throttle Saloon

Black Hills Harley-Davidson, also known as the Rally at Exit 55, becomes a city itself during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Every year they hold an Annual Pre-Rally Rollout, a kick off to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. It’s a fantastic way to see all that great merchandise at great discounts without the rally crowds around you. You also get first peek at what the rally vendors have to offer. Black Hills Harley-Davidson had about 120 vendors representing around 150 different companies. Definitely a Sturgis Rally one-stop-shop.

Black Hills Harley-Davidson becomes it's own city during the rally.

Black Hills Harley-Davidson becomes it’s own city during the rally.

Our friends at Black Hills Harley-Davidson also helped bring AMA Pro Flat Track back to the Black Hills during the 76th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally with the BLACK HILLS HALF MILE! It was a very exciting night and brought out many celebs including Dana While, President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Audrey Nesbitt & Ari Levenbaum with President of UFC Dana White

Audrey Nesbitt & Ari Levenbaum with President of UFC Dana White

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is more than concerts and vendors. The riding in and around the Black Hills is amazing. We were fortunate to have the time to ride up by Mount Rushmore, Spearfish Canyon and out to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. Beautiful, scenic rides and much easier to get around due to rally numbers being down.

mount rushmore motorcycle lawyers law tigers

law tigers mount rushmore surges rally

If you missed out on this year’s festivities, don’t fret- event coordinators are already busy putting together an action-packed schedule of events for 2017. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally continues to be a “must attend” event for all motorcyclists and one that should be on every biker’s motorcycle ‘bucket list’.





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Law Tigers Gold Attorney Sponsor For Wing Ding 2016

Founded in 1977, the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) is the world’s biggest single-marquee motorcycle association in the world. In only 35 years, the GWRRA has amassed over 72,000 members in Canada, the U.S., and 53 foreign countries. Four thousand volunteer members manage the 800+ active Chapters which are comprised of people from all walks of life who are constantly striving to foster a safe and enjoyable riding environment, and positively overhaul any misconceptions the general public holds about the motorcycling community.


The group rides by the motto; Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge. Members of GWRRA enjoy the liberty of being part of a non-profit, secular organization with no political agenda. Member benefits include the camaraderie and friendship of other Gold Wing enthusiasts in a wholesome family setting. Campout and picnic runs, parades and charity events are just a few of the fun activities in which GWRRA Chapters participate.

Members also receive the benefits of continuing motorcycle education through safety workshops and webinars. Through these programs, Members get the opportunity to keep up with the latest on riding tips and news, bike maintenance, and exciting touring routes. Many GWRRA Members have completed CPR training, equipping them to handle most any kind of situation the open road might present.


Of all the activities GWRRA Members can take part in, the most highly anticipated is the annual Wing Ding. This four-day event held every summer, unites Members and Non-Members alike, for the world’s largest ultimate and luxury touring motorcycle extravaganza. One particularly unique feature that sets Wing Ding apart from other rallies and trade shows, is that the event changes locations every year.

This year’s event will be held on August 31- September 3. The 38th annual festivities will take place on the MetraPark grounds in Billings, Montana’s Trailhead.


From the opening ceremonies until the final prize tickets have been drawn at the closing ceremonies, Wing Ding 38 will be packed with hot bikes, delicious food, and plenty of fun for everyone.

Plan on all of the traditional Wing Ding festivities, including the Parade of Lights, showcasing unforgettable custom rides, and the Grand Parade which gives GWRRA Members the chance to ride together as one of the biggest motorcycle parades in the country.

Exhibitors at the Wing Ding Trade Show will be catering to Gold Wing and Touring motorcycle enthusiasts each day of the rally. From high profile gear to custom accessories, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for at the more than 200 vendor booths. Seminars, manufacturer demo rides, and full service parts installation will also be available. And don’t forget prizes!

For those who want to enjoy the scenery of “Big Sky Country”- a mere one hour journey in any direction gives riders the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking and unspoiled Montana points of interest, such as Big Horn Battlefield National Monument, Pompey’s Pillar, and the most picturesque entrance to Yellowstone National Park.


The Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers – Gold Sponsor Wing Ding 38

This year, the injured motorcyclist champions, Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers, are pleased to have partnered with GWRRA as the attorney sponsor for Wing Ding. GWRRA President Anita Alkire adds, “We are so happy to have Law Tigers as a Gold Sponsor at Wing Ding 38. I know from personal experience how worry free they can make the experience when there has been an accident.  The attorney was professional and caring.  Law Tigers values line up beautifully with GWRRA and that makes them a great partner.”

The Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Attorneys 1-800-529-8443





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Thunder In The Valley Sweepstakes – Cottonwood Arizona

Thunder Valley Rally, Cottonwood, Arizona Sept 16 & 17th, 2016

Located  between Prescott and Sedona and named for the beautiful Cottonwood trees that grow along the Verde River, Cottonwood, AZ will be full of activity September 16th and 17th when it hosts Thunder Valley Rally. 

law tigers cottonwood arizona

Come join the Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers and proud sponsor of Thunder Valley Rally, in historic Old Town Cottonwood, the Bootleg Capitol of Arizona, for the 16th annual Thunder Valley Rally. Street parking for motorcycles is only $10 and includes entrance to the concert area. Don’t have a bike? No problem. Main concert area entrance is a mere $5 starting each day at 5 p.m. for the national acts.

Do you want an already an exciting event to be even better?
Enter to win the Law Tigers ‘Thunder in the Valley Sweepstakes.’

law tigers attorneys thunder valley rally


Package includes:
– Twin Cam Package– $950 value provided by Stout Tents. 16.5 Foot Luxury Canvas -Bell Tent (or Luxury Safari tent) by Stout Tent in the VIP Glamping area. Tents will circle a communal fire pit with approximately 10 tents per camp. Tents can accommodate 1-4 Adults comfortably. Each tent in this camp will have a portable A/C unit. Tent will be outfitted with upscale accessories in earthy colors. **Individual AC units, camp hot tubs, golf-cart shuttle and communal ice chests with ice service available for guests. A “camp butler” will be assigned to assist guests if needed and 4 event passes
– $500 spending cash from the Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers 
– Arizona Off Road Package for one day from Arizona Off Road Tours
– $250 Grand Canyon Harley-Davidson Gift Card from Grand Canyon H-D
– Burning Tree Wine Cellars Wine Package (Magnum of wine with wine glasses) from Burning Tree Wine Cellars 
– Concert tickets to Foghat & Molly Hatchet along with back stage Meet & Greet
 Package valued at over $2500 

cottonwood arizona law tigers lawyers

What an amazing experience!

To enter head to

Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers



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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2016

Sturgis, South Dakota – You can almost hear the rumble on the horizon as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally gets set to kick off on Monday, August 8. This year promises to be the best one yet, as the highly-anticipated annual event will be celebrating its 76th year. This iconic gathering is only weeks away, but it’s not too late to make your plans to attend. The official rally won’t get underway until August 8 and wraps up on August 14.

As always, the Black Hills offer opportunities for some of the most breath taking rides in the country that include great stops including Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Crazy Horse Memorial, and the Badlands. Rides like these are just part of what keeps the motorcycle masses returning to Sturgis every summer- that, along with premiere musical entertainment, bike shows, hundreds of vendors, and plenty of food and drink, have made the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally a perennial must for many.

If you don’t like to ride out on your own there are many organized rides this year including the Annual Mayor’s Ride, Annual Boz-Bros Ride, Sturgis Angel’s Ride, Carey Hart Ride, and the Sturgis Mayor’s Pub Crawl. Motorcycle events and races will be taking place all week at the Sturgis Dragway, as well. Many top competitors from around the country will be taking part in this year’s unprecedented event. There is a class to suit everyone’s fancy as nine racing classes will be featured, ranging from ET to Top Fuel Nitro.


Performing artists are scheduled to appear all week at various locations in and around Sturgis, including the Glencoe Camp Resort Pavilion, Sturgis Buffalo Chip, Knuckle Saloon, Loud American Roadhouse, Iron Horse Saloon, and the new Full Throttle Saloon now located at the Pappy Hoel Campground and Resort (formerly the Broken Spoke). At the Jackpine Gypsies Club Campground, rally-goers will be treated to a variety of Moto-X events, including Pro/Am short track, Verta-X hill climb, and Pro hill climb.

Message from Michael Ballard in regards to the New FULL THROTTLE SALOON.

If Shakespeare is your thing, you’ll want to check out a performance of Motorcycle Macbeth. Not your grandmother’s Shakespeare, the Bird Cage Theatrics Company of Newcastle, Wyoming, will present an edgy and modern adaptation of the legendary tale of ambition, power, prophecy and death. This contemporary version includes Shakespeare’s original dialogue with the addition of bikes, leathers, and torching explosives. The event will be hosted by Larry and Twylla Napolitano at the Flying V Lodge, and includes dining and camping options for patrons. For tickets head to

wyoming south dakota law tigers motorcycle macbeth

Speaking of camping, you will need a place to crash and rest up for each day’s activities. As usual, a variety of lodging options are available. There are more than 300 places to stay in and around the rally, ranging from primitive camping to comfy family-friendly accommodations.

Sturgis boasts dining options, too, to satisfy any and every taste. From full-service restaurants to delicatessens and food trucks, hungry patrons will find burgers, pizza, pasta and all types of traditional fare. For the more daring diner, there is native game and exquisitely prepared buffalo. If it’s just a drink you’re looking for, a brewery, winery, coffee shop, or bar is never very far away.

Events are constantly being added, so check in often at for all the latest info.



The Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers



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Cageless in Vegas II – Las Vegas BikeFest 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada has long been a destination for vacationers seeking all types of adventure, and the motorcycle crowd is certainly no exception. From the intrigue of the bright lights of Fremont Street to the scenic vistas and glory of the Grand Canyon, the city and surrounding areas offer something for everyone.

Las Vegas BikeFest Law Tigers Attorneys

Nevada boasts some truly breathtaking motorcycle rides, many of them winding through arid isolated mountain ranges soaring 7,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level. Rides like the Death Valley Run, the Valley of Fire Loop, and the Reno to Lake Tahoe Loop can soothe or thrill riders with everything from peaceful pastures, unusual rock formations, lake views, and exhilarating cliffs.

This Fall, the Las Vegas BikeFest will bring all the best of the Silver State into one enormous party. September 29 through October 2, motorcycle enthusiasts from all over will converge on Fremont Street for four action-packed days of contests, food, vendors and comradery that can only be enjoyed within the motorcycle community.

This year’s event boasts new and extended hours for Rally Central. That means more vendors, more food trucks, and non-stop entertainment. Nightly Rally parties will offer music on two stages and prizes and giveaways of over $30,000, including a $1,000 Rally Central Shopping Extravaganza and a brand new bike for one lucky attendee each day of the rally.

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Nevada

Iconic Vegas – The Golden Nugget

Registration for the event will begin on Thursday, September 29 at the Golden Nugget. When it opened in 1946, the Golden Nugget entranced visitors with its mahogany bars, crystal chandeliers and imported marble floors. The addition of opulent hotel rooms in the 70s made the Golden Nugget more than a gambler’s paradise. Today, with its conference areas, spa and salon, specialty restaurants, casino, and variety of guest rooms, the Golden Nugget has much to offer and is proud to serve as the host hotel for the 2016 Las Vegas BikeFest.

A free shuttle will transport registered participants from the Golden Nugget to Rally Central where they can stroll through rows of vendor booths or take a break from the dessert heat in one of the Cool Zones.


Cageless in Vegas Law Tigers Nevada

What could be more fun than being in Vegas for all the festivities this fall? Being Cageless in Vegas, of course. Again this year, Law Tigers, the tireless and compassionate advocates of injured motorcyclists across the country, want to send you to Las Vegas BikeFest 2016 in style.

Cageless in Vegas II

The 1st Place Prize for this year’s Cageless in Vegas II contest includes: Up to $1,000 in travel credit for airfare, $500 in cash to spend any way you choose, a $300 gift card from Red Rock Harley-Davidson, and two VIP passes to Las Vegas BikeFest. Valued at $115 each, the VIP Pass entitles a holder to 5 entries for each of the bikes to be given away, 5 entries for the $1,000 Thursday Rally Central shopping spree, entry to Saturday’s $10,000 Poker Run, VIP access to celebrity appearances, and much more.

The Second Place Prize Package includes: 3 nights at the Golden Nugget, $200 in cash to spend any way you choose, a $200 gift card from Red Rock Harley-Davidson, and two Ultimate passes to BikeFest. An Ultimate Pass holder will receive 3 entries to each of the four bike giveaways, 3 entries for the $1,000 Thursday Rally Central shopping spree, a spot in Saturday’s $10,000 Poker Run, and more.

lawtigers vegas Nevada motorcycle lawyers

To enter the Law Tigers ‘CAGELESS IN VEGAS II’ or

Contest ends August 31, 2016. Winners announced September 1, 2016. If prize package(s) not claimed within 24 hours a new winner will be announced.

Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers

Nevada law tigers motorcycle accident california


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Law Tigers Official Attorney Sponsor of Lost Highway 2016 Motorcycle Festival

This summer, southern California will be treated to the largest motorcycle show and concert it has ever seen. Taking place on July 22 and 23, the festival will feature live music, free-style motocross shows, motorcycle stunt shows, and plenty of purveyors of all things motorcycle and the Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers, are excited to be the Official Attorney Sponsor.


Only a short drive from major hubs in the Southwestern U.S., the annual event will take place in San Bernadino, and will cater to bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts, and fans of rock and country music, as well. The two-day extravaganza will offer festival-goers dozens of live musical acts, several art exhibits, a motorcycle show, and an opportunity to participate in rides benefitting select charities.

An expansive camp ground will provide plenty of room for RVs as well as those seeking a more primitive camping experience, and even something in between. Available exclusively to those who purchase weekend camping, is the Lost Highway kick-off bash on Friday night.

lost highway law tigers motorcycle accident lawyers

The festival officially gets under way at 2:00 on Saturday, with live music throughout the day. Lost Highway 2016 concert headliners include Brantley Gilbert & Social Distortion. Other musical guests will cover a variety of genres and include Justin Moore, the Eagles of Death Metal, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Face to Face, Chevy Metal, Paul Cauthren, Colt Ford, and Tony Joe White. Performances will take place in the San Manuel Amphitheater & Festival Grounds in San Bernardino, California.


Roland Sand’s Super Hooligan Flat Track Racing presented by Indian Motorcycle is joining the lineup for Lost Highway Motorcycle Festival

Hooligan Racing started out as crashing and entertaining the crowd until former racer and custom bike builder Roland Sands took a major interest in dirt track, particularly the Hooligan class. Over the past eight years, Sands, along with his closest friends, have participated in numerous Hooligan events, both locally in California, as well as across the nation. According to Sands, the Hooligans began racing at Costa Mesa, nearly a decade ago with Rad Brad Oxley. In the beginning, it was about nothing but all-out fun. Sands says they began racing Harley Softail’s in a show that was about “crashing and entertaining the crowd” as much as it was about racing.

law tigers hooligan racing motorcycle attorneys

In addition to the bike show, racing, artwork, and concerts, guests will be treated to a vendor village slammed with all kinds of motorcycle wares, including everything from leathers and jewelry to motorcycle accessories and parts.

Also featured, will be incredible works from some of the most gifted aficionados in the motorcycle industry, including Quaid Harley-Davidson, Kraus Motor Co., Roland Sands Designs, Simpson Motorcycle Helmets, Espinoza’s Leather Goods, and many, many more.

On Saturday afternoon, registrants will have the opportunity to see if their two-wheeled creation has what it takes to capture a prize in one of many categories. The show is sponsored by Hot Bike, Street Chopper, and Baggers magazines whose editor’s will be sizing up the competition. Judges will be looking for Best Softail, Best Street Glide, and Best vintage bike, just to name a few. Plus, there’s more than bragging rights at stake- one lucky contestant will leave on a brand new, custom Electra Glide Ultra Classic, valued at more than $40,000.

Festival-goers will also be entertained by the skilled riders of UNKNOWN Industries, as they demonstrate their free-style Harley-Davidson riding at shows scheduled during the day.

Lost Highway festival General Admission tickets, Reserved Seats, VIP and camping packages are now available through Ticketmaster at the function’s website,

Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Attorneys

As avid motorcyclists, the Law Tigers actively help promote the biker lifestyle, while advocating safety and education. Law Tigers is comprised of some of the top-named personal injury lawyers in the community, who’s primary goal is to help the motorcycle community through sponsored events, education and legal assistance.

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident call 1-800-529-8443 and have the Law Tigers fight for you.

law tigers motorcycle accident california




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Law Tigers America’s Motorcycle Lawyers Sign On for Riki’s Ride 2016

Los Angeles, CA – The Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers, in conjunction with Riki Rachtman, former host of MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball and current host of the nationally syndicated radio show Racing Rocks, are pleased to announce their sponsorship of Riki’s Ride 2016. Riki’s Ride will take Riki Rachtman on a wild, unpredictable motorcycle adventure across North America.

Riki Rachtman, former host of MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball and current host of the nationally syndicated radio show Racing Rocks.

Fans to Dictate Third Annual Riki’s Ride Route via Social Media

The third annual running of Riki’s Ride, an epic motorcycle trek that traverses North America has a fascinating new twist. Riki’s fans will dictate the actual route Riki’s Ride will take via social media.

Riki Rachtman

Riki’s fans will dictate the actual route Riki’s Ride will take via Social Media LIVE June 22, 2016

The outline of this incredible journey will have Riki riding from Los Angeles, California to Big Sur, CA with Billy Duffy from the Cult. Then he will ride to the Redwoods of Northern California to meet Taime Downe, lead singer of rock band Faster Pussycat. Together they will ride up the coast stopping to see wild Orcas on the San Juan Islands and then across the border to Canada for some white water rafting.

Riki will then continue the trek solo criss-crossing across America from the coast of Oregon all the way to New York City, riding some of the most beautiful roads in America. Eclectic stops include the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, the Chicago Open Air Rock Festival where he will serve as a host, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Coney Island and wherever else his fans tell him ‘where to go’.

Rachtman will kick off the ride in Los Angeles, California in June and take his cues of where to go and what to see from participants via Twitter and Instagram hoping his social media fans will send him on quite the adventure.  Riki intends to discover a lot of ‘off the beaten path’ gems and experience all North America has to offer. The whole adrenaline pumping experience will be posted live on-route as it happens.

Previous Riki’s Rides have taken him all over the United States and into Canada and Mexico. This year, Rachtman anticipates a 10,000-mile sojourn across North America with his 2010 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® and all his fans on Social Media will be along for the ride.

Proceeds from Riki’s Ride will go to the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation, a Colorado non-profit corporation formed by Julie and Doug Hutchison to provide help and support to individuals, particularly children and young adults, who have epilepsy. The main focus is to raise funds to provide grants for seizure-response dogs. These trained service dogs may be able to detect an oncoming seizure and provide warnings and/or respond after the onset of a seizure. The Foundation also provides Emfit, SAMiAlert and SmartWatch monitors for those in need. The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation is named for Julie and Doug’s beloved daughter, Chelsea, who died in her sleep during a seizure in April of 2009. SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) was the cause of her death. During the 6 years that Chelsea had seizures, no one ever told the Hutchisons a seizure could take her life, other than through an accidental fall or drowning. As a result of that omission, the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation informs those living with epilepsy of the risks and raises awareness of SUDEP so that no other families are blind-sided. For more information, please visit our website.

The Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Attorneys

Law Tigers is proud to support Riki’s Ride. As avid motorcyclists, Law Tiger actively promotes the biker lifestyle, while advocating safety and education. Law Tigers is comprised of some of the top-named lawyers in the community. Their primary goal is to help the motorcycle community through sponsored events, education and legal assistance.

Riki Rides with the Law Tigers

Riki Ratchman Rides with the Law Tigers

Riki Ratchman Rides with the Law Tigers

The Law Tigers has a free app for all riders that offers accident preparation advice, reporting tools, one-click access to emergency services and even integrated photo and video capture. Riki wouldn’t hit the road without it and neither should you.

Riki Ratchman Ride Law Tigers iTunes droid

You can download the app for the iPhone and Droid HERE.

The Law Tigers join other industry legends in sponsoring Riki’s Ride including Hot Leathers, METZELER Tires and Death Wish Coffee Company.

We are looking forward to one crazy adventure!

The Law Tigers


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Rolling Thunder Ride For Freedom

1988 to 2016 Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom Becomes One Million Strong 

From a few hundred in 1988 to one million participants in 2016, Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom is a driving force of raising veterans awareness.

“Never forget all of our prisoners of war and those still missing in action from all wars, and never forget our veterans of all wars. That’s our message, and that’s our mission,” said Artie Muller the tremendous force behind Rolling Thunder, an American advocacy group that seeks to bring full accountability for prisoners of war (POWs) and missing in action (MIA) service members of all U.S. wars.

Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom occurs on the Sunday before Memorial Day in Washington, DC. Riders start lining up in the Pentagon parking lot as early as 5 am. At noon all participants make a slow ride on a dedicated route that crosses the Memorial Bridge leads to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

Bikes start lining up in the Pentagon parking lot at 5 AM.

Bikes start lining up in the Pentagon parking lot at 5 AM.

It is the largest event in Washington, DC and the largest one-day event in the motorcycle industry. It is a demonstration with heart, passion and meaning. It is about our veterans. Of all wars of years past and of our current military members fighting over seas.

Fall 1987 An Epic Idea is Born

The Founders of Rolling Thunder®, Inc., Artie Muller and Ray Manzo, both Vietnam Veterans, were incensed that the government and the media were ignoring an estimated 10,000 reported sightings of live Americans living in horrible conditions in captivity. They realized their voices needed to be heard. They contacted fellow veterans, friends and family and decided to ‘ride’ to the nation’s Capital Memorial Day weekend in the spring of 1988. The roar of their motorcycles would announce their arrival. A roar not unlike the sound of 1965 bombing campaign against North Vietnam dubbed Operation Rolling Thunder. Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom was born.

Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom occurs on the Sunday before Memorial Day in Washington, DC. Riders start lining up in the Pentagon parking lot as early as 5 am. At noon all participants make a slow ride on a dedicated route that crosses the Memorial Bridge leads to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.


The Ride for Freedom began in 1988 as a demonstration to help raise awareness of the POW/MIA issue. Rolling Thunder has grown to encompass many veteran issues and is still working to bring home our many POW/MIA’s.

Members come from all walks of life and include service men and women, fire fighters, police officers, anyone whom wishes to support our veterans. Old, young, men, women, veterans and non-veterans. All are united in the cause to bring full accountability for the Prisoners of War-Missing in Action (POW/MIA) of all wars, reminding the government, the media and the public by their watchwords: “We Will Not Forget.”

To learn more about Rolling Thunder® Inc and how you can help head to

2017 will mark the 30th Anniversary of the first Ride for Freedom.


 Rolling Thunder®, Inc.

XXX “Ride For Freedom” Demonstration!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Law Tigers DC Arizona California Utah New Mexico Texas California

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Law Tigers Celebrate 15 Years In Style With The Arizona Mile

The Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Attorneys, celebrated 15 years of fighting for injured motorcyclists with a bang! The Law Tigers helped bring the return of AMA Pro Flat Track Racing to their home turf of Phoenix, Arizona after a flat track racing drought of over 30 years and boy, were the locals thirsty for this event.

Law Tigers Arizona Mile

Saturday May 14th, 2016 saw the return of flat track racing to Phoenix, Arizona. It was a beautiful Phoenix, Arizona day with temperatures hovering over the 100 degree mark. The stands were packed and the air was loaded with excitement.

Professional Motorcycle Stunt Rider & Guinness World Record Holder Clint Ewing warmed up the crowd with his incredible stunt show. Clint is on tour this summer and clearly a fan favorite at any event.

Stunt Rider Clint Ewing - Law Tigers Arizona Mile

Stunt Rider Clint Ewing – Law Tigers Arizona Mile

motorcycle stunt rider Clint Ewing

Clint Ewing with Morteza Khajehjahromi @stuntermegaman

stunt rider Clint Ewing with Morteza Khajehjahromi @stuntermegaman

Stunt Rider Morteza Khajehjahromi @stuntermegaman


Race legend Buddy Stubbs performed a couple honorary laps on his 1972 Harley-Davidson XR750.

buddy stubbs law tigers arizona mile

Race legend Buddy Stubbs performed a couple honorary laps on his 1972 Harley-Davidson XR750

Law Tigers present Buddy Stubbs award for 50 great years

Law Tigers Arizona Marketing Manager Bob Moellman presents race legend Buddy Stubbs with award celebrating Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson 50th Anniversary.

phoenix arizona law tigers motorcycle lawyers

Law Tigers Arizona Marketing Manager Bob Moellman presents race legend Buddy Stubbs with award celebrating Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson 50th Anniversary.

law tigers phoenix arizona attorneys

Tank the Tiger with Stunt Rider Clint Ewing and Law Tigers’ VP of Marketing Ari Levenbaum

Harley-Davidson and Vance & Hines Girls shooting t-shirts into the crowd.

Harley-Davidson and Vance & Hines Girls shooting t-shirts into the crowd.


Bryan Smith, Jared Mees & Cory Texter on the podium.

Bryan Smith, Jared Mees & Cory Texter on the podium.

Bryan Smith turned up the heat in the Valley of the Sun on Saturday by winning AMA Pro Flat Track’s inaugural Law Tigers Arizona Mile in stunning fashion. The “Mile Specialist” lived up to his nickname, topping defending Harley-Davidson GNC1 presented by Vance & Hines champion No. 1 Jared Mees by 12.646 seconds in front of a standing room only crowd at Turf Paradise.

Law Tigers 15th Anniversary VIP Celebration

law tigers staff arizona mile

Some of the Law Tigers VIP staff who got the party started with the ‘Big Cat’ himself, Warren Levenbaum, founder of the Law Tigers and his beautiful wife Judy.

Warren Levenbaum, the 'Big Cat' & founder of the Law Tigers with Law Tiger attorney Tom Metier & Law Tigers' VP Marketing Ari Levenbaum

Warren Levenbaum, the ‘Big Cat’ & founder of the Law Tigers with Law Tiger attorney Tom Metier & Law Tigers’ VP Marketing Ari Levenbaum

Law Tigers' VP of Marketing with Arizona Mile promotors Charlie Frank & Chris Morgan & Michael Gentry,  CFO AMA Pro Racing

Law Tigers’ VP of Marketing Ari Levenbaum with Arizona Mile promotors Charlie Frank & Chris Morgan & Michael Gentry, CFO AMA Pro Racing

Law Tigers VP of Marketing Ari Levenbaum with Racing Legend Buddy Stubbs

Law Tigers VP of Marketing Ari Levenbaum with Racing Legend Buddy Stubbs

A great success and a wonderful time had by all.

We greatly look forward to the Law Tigers Arizona Mile 2017 and beyond.

The Law Tigers

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